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And 2008 out goes out with a bang. A nice big one with a bullet to go right between my eyes. Could this fucking year suck anymore?

The Drama Just Keeps Rolling OnCollapse )

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone's having fun and that 2009 is a damn sight better than this year.


Life just doesn't pull any damn punches, does it?

Funeral rundown and bitter rantingCollapse )
My grandfather passed away this morning.

To everyone I'm in contact with (or have fallen out of contact with), I probably won't be around much for the next couple weeks or so.

And if you see me online, for the love of god distract me, because that's what I need right now.


Fic post

An Ouran fic for Trace-love.

Title: Motivations
Rating: PG-13 for naughty thoughts
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing(s): Kyouya/Tamaki+Kaoru, Hikaru+Haruhi
Summary: Kaoru has ulterior motives for his actions...

MotivationsCollapse )

Birthday Ficcage~

Happy Birthday, Shu darling <3

You know I so love you when I can pull a Tezuka out of my ass lol

Title: Lazy Sundays Arc: Perceptions
Fandom: Prince Of Tennis
Pairing: AtoTezuTari
Rating: PG for slight language
Summary: Atobe's found the perfect house...or has he?
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it. Never will be.

Lazy Sundays Arc: PerceptionsCollapse )

The drabble that preceeded it: Lazy Sunday Arc: Compromise

Jul. 26th, 2007

A heads up for anyone I chat/RP with. Mom reinstated her vacation for the end of this month. Meaning she's not going back to work until next Friday.

Meaning my time online? Spotty, possibly non-existant for most of the week and inconsistent. Still checking email when I can, so if it's urgent, I suggest that first.

Thanks, and see you all when I see you.
Might be spotty online today, if at all. Dad took the day off. >.< Ass. Thinks I'm gonna be working outside with him today when its going to be 100 percent humidity and 99 degrees heat index.

Angel-babe, will try to call if it doesn't wake up Mom, so long as you're not busy at work. I left you tags from last night.

Trace, will get to yours whenever dip-head lets me get on, if he does at all. He's being all "you're not gonna be on all day blah blah blah" at me.

Back by Wed., if nothing else.
Did I say before it felt like we were past due for another family outburst of bullshit?

Yep. Apparently we were way overdue. Dad threw a psychotic rage 53 year old baby bullshit tantrum fit when he came home.

Over dog hair.

Yes, this is actually normal for us. Well, but for him running all over the house screaming about it.

So, I may be banned from the computer for the rest of the week since he took it off for vacation. So...if I'm not around much, that will be why my dears.

Never a dull fuckin' moment around here, no siree.
Last night Grandma's temperature went up again, and her kidneys started to fail. The priest from the Catholic Church came to give her last rites. My aunt ended up staying with her while my parents crashed home for some sleep.

I'm still taking medication, and its helping some of the icky symptoms of my cold. But last night even the Nyquil/Actifed combination I took couldn't make me fall asleep. I kept hearing ringing phones in what little sleep I got.

Right now, everyone seems to have left incredibly early this morning to be at the hospital. They left me and bro here to wait for the septic pumpers to call, and for my uncle and cousin to call with thier flight number so I can pick them up tomorrow. Once again, I'm left to do nothing but wait. They even took the cordless phone, god knows where, so I won't be leaving any room that's got a phone in it. Good thing the bathroom is right next to the kitchen.

I know I told people I'd be staying offline, but waiting is incredibly hard and I can't seem to seperate from the telephone. So unless I want to doze off in front of the TV like I was doing yesterday between cleaning and waiting, I'm going to find things to do on here. But no IM. I don't think I'm up for it.

This is probably nothing but my tired brain throwing up stupid things...but my Grandmother was born the 28th day of October. In 1928. I'll be turning 28 on Thursday, and Saturday they told us if she survived the surgery she'd only last 3-4 days. Her surgery wrapped up at 1am Sunday morning. Which makes Thursday the last day according to them. I'm having bad bad feelings right now. I'm hoping that this is just me being an emotional wreck right now because the thought is just too creepy.

I need something to do.

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